Get it right first time

Wrist fractures are often considered as minor injuries, however for the person suffering from this injury, this minor injury can be a life changing event.

It is very important to get these injuries fixed properly the first time to reduce the number of lost working days and avoid corrective surgery at a later date.

Here is an example of a lady who had a wrist fracture while on holiday that was fixed inadequately. Fortunately we managed to control the infection and reset her bones with good results at the end, however it took a good part of 9 months to achieve this.

These images were taken when the infection from the first surgery (overseas) settled, and just before the corrective surgery was carried out.

The deformity before surgery and the loss of movement was very severe.

The revision surgery was successful only with the patient’s hard work and our physiotherapist’s intensive input.

Remember, choose your surgeon wisely and don’t accept poor results.

There is no such thing as minor injury.